Welcome to my kitchen! My name is Sally. I’m a baker, blogger, cookbook author, and food photographer. I live in Maryland with my little family of four and our rescue dogs.

I started Sally’s Baking Addiction (now also called Sally’s Baking Recipes) in 2011 as a personal blog. It was just an easy way to share my baking recipes with friends and family. My small hobby blog quickly ignited a passion for food photography as well as a desire to teach others…not just what to bake, but how to bake.

Growing up, I spent hours watching my mother and grandmother work their baking magic in the kitchen, especially their pecan pie and Irish soda bread. And as a self-taught home baker myself, I’m fiercely dedicated to providing well-tested recipes and sharing everything I’ve learned along the way. Before I post a new recipe, you can feel confident that I have already tested it dozens of times in my own kitchen. This is why Sally’s Baking Recipes has become a trusted resource for anyone who wants to bake from scratch. In addition to the hundreds of recipes on the site, you’ll also find helpful kitchen tips, lessons on baking basics, step-by-step photos, and video tutorials that will help you gain confidence and expertise in the kitchen.

Just a year and a half after launching my blog, I quit my full-time job to build Sally’s Baking Recipes into the business you see today. I’ve written, photographed, and published more than a thousand from-scratch recipes and have authored three cookbooks. My work has been featured in People Magazine, on Good Morning America, and popular online media including BuzzFeed, HuffPost, and more. And my one-woman show has grown into a talented and dedicated team including Stephanie, Beth, Trina, Lexi, and Erin as well as our video experts, Kristopher, Ashlynn, David, and Stronz.

I truly hope Sally’s Baking Recipes will be your first stop when you need a recipe for any occasion. I’m thankful you’re here to join the baking adventure!


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