Functional Programming and Data-Oriented Design

These two complementary paradigms, rather than object-orientation, could be the future of game development. Note: This article is a follow up to the previous article, ‘Why Functional Programming Works for Games’. When we tell the story of functional programming and data-oriented design in games, we tell a story of trade-offs. What do you get withContinue reading “Functional Programming and Data-Oriented Design”

A Game Engine in the Elm Style!

A ‘Nu’ way to make games! The Nu Game Engine was the world’s first practical, functional game engine. And it has recently accomplished another first — allowing developers to use Elm-style architecture (AKA, model-view-update) to build their games in the cleanest, most understandable possible way! This article will go over two examples often used by the Elm developerContinue reading “A Game Engine in the Elm Style!”