Functional Programming and Data-Oriented Design

These two complementary paradigms, rather than object-orientation, could be the future of game development. Note: This article is a follow up to the previous article, ‘Why Functional Programming Works for Games’. When we tell the story of functional programming and data-oriented design in games, we tell a story of trade-offs. What do you get withContinue reading “Functional Programming and Data-Oriented Design”

S-Expression The Ultimate Format

A Powerful F# Library Shows How S-Expressions Can be Superior to XML and Json First, a little historical context… People used to love XML, especially those in the Microsoft camp. XML represented a powerful enabling technology for programmers of that day — data-driven programming without plain text files. Out of this love for XML came many technologies onContinue reading “S-Expression The Ultimate Format”

Why Functional Programming Works for Games

Why I set out to prove that functional programming works for games, and what it might mean for modern game development. A fellow on slack channel #gamedev asked me the following question about my functional F# game engine, Nu (source available here) – “I was curious of how this project started. Do you have previousContinue reading “Why Functional Programming Works for Games”