Ant vs. Space Marine

vs There are two broad categories of software systems – interruptible and non-interruptible. The interruptible system offers high-level capabilities such as dynamic event handling, but does so at the cost of performance due to an impedance mismatch with the underlying commodity hardware. The non-interruptible system eschews such high-level capabilities to avoid their associated impedance mismatchesContinue reading “Ant vs. Space Marine”

Functional Programming and Data-Oriented Design

These two complementary paradigms, rather than object-orientation, could be the future of game development. Note: This article is a follow up to the previous article, ‘Why Functional Programming Works for Games’. When we tell the story of functional programming and data-oriented design in games, we tell a story of trade-offs. What do you get withContinue reading “Functional Programming and Data-Oriented Design”